Adding Borders to Your Quilt Top

Borders that do not lay flat may cause tucks, pleats or fullness when quilted.

If your borders are too SMALL for the center of the quilt, the center of the top may be loose and have to be eased in.

If your borders are too LONG for your quilt center, they will ripple.
1 - Make sure your corners are square prior to adding your borders.
​2 - Lay your quilt top on a flat surface and measure through the quilt CENTER ONLY.

3 - Cut two identical strips for your borders
4 - Pin the middle of the border strip to the middle of the quilt top, pin the ends, then pin the remaining areas.
5 - Always attach the quilt to the border, not the border to the quilt. 


6 - Press towards borders.

NOTE: If you have a pieced border, it is a good idea to run a row of stitching 1/8’ from the outer edge all the way around the quilt top.  This helps stabilize the seams and keeps them from pulling out during quilting.


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