Long-Arm Quilting Services

Services & Pricing

Quilting prices are calculated on a square foot basis.  To find the square foot measurements of your quilt top, multiply the length in inches times the width in inches & divide by 144.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting

A continuous line design that is quilted from one edge to the other covering the entire quilt, including borders

$3 per square foot + taxes (minimum $50 charge)


I match the quilting design to the quilt or fabric in a way the best compliments the quilt. 
What patterns do I have?  HUNDREDS!!  Some of them I have printed up in binders at the store, but not all of my patterns. 
If you want to pick your pattern to be used on your quilt, check out the websites below for samples or google digital quilting patterns to find designs.  If you find one you like, then send me a picture and I will see if I have anything close to it.  If you want a particular pattern that I do not have in my collection, the cost is an additional $25 for me to purchase the pattern.


Borders are given a unique design to set it apart from the center

$4.50 & up per square foot + taxes (minimum $100 charge) 

Batting Prices

Hobbs 80/20 (96" wide) - $13.95 / m

Hobbs 80/20 (120" wide) - $15.95 / m

Poly (108" wide) - $10.95 / m

Machine Binding

Prepared binding is attached and is finished by machine

$0.13 per inch + taxes

Additional Charges

An additional labour charge of $40 per hour will be added for any miscellaneous work (repairing seams, squaring up top or backing & piecing)