Inspira Tear A Way
Inspira Tear A Way

Inspira Tear A Way

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INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way is a stabilizer that is designed to be used as a backing on stable woven fabrics. During the embroidery process the stabilizer is perforated, making it easy to remove. Very little residue is left around the edges. The stabilizer left under the stitches will eventually wash away.
Sizes Available:
Tear-A-Way, 20”x25 yards (620112496)
Tear-A-Way, 20”x10 yards (620112396)
Tear-A-Way, 12”x25 yards (620112296)
Tear-A-Way, 8”x25 yards (620112196)
Tear-A-Way, (Black) 12”x25 yards (620113496)